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Exploring Home Networking Alternatives: G.hn vs. HPAV (HomePlug AV/2)


Did you know that there are two competing powerline standards? Find out whether the HomePlug AV or G.hn standard is best for you!

Though Wi-Fi is the most known, there are many other home networking options people have at their disposal, some of which provide better, more reliable, and faster internet.

G.hn (Gigabit Home Networking) and HomePlug are two types of Powerline technologies though it’s important to note the key differences between them.

G.hn vs. HPAV: What You Need to Know

Both G.hn and HomePlug are considered standards for the technology called Powerline, which uses the existing electrical wiring in homes or businesses to create a stable and reliable network connection anywhere an outlet is present. Both HomePlug and G.hn are the go-to for home and business networking, but they can be set apart by the following:

1. Adoption Rate

The HomePlug Alliance released the latest version, the HomePlugAV2, back in 2011, and by 2016 it dominated the market. However, 2016 was also the year G.hn rolled out their latest Wave 2 version, which propelled them to the top soon after, leading to a decline in HomePlug adoption rates.

2. R&D Investment

Because of the increasing adoption rate of G.hn Technology, investing in HomePlug was significantly reduced to the point where HomePlug Alliance announced its decision to disband. This means existing HomePlug systems are based on an aging and abandoned technology. 

G.hn, on the other hand, continues to expand its reach. The G.hn slogan reads, “Any wire. Anywhere. It just works.” With the growing demands of today, especially among the gamers, G.hn fits nicely with those seeking an alternative to wireless networking, where fluctuating speeds and latency can kill the experience. With the recent release of G.hn Wave 2, a new generation of faster options is now available.

What Does This Mean for Homeowners?

If you’re looking for alternatives to wireless or loose Ethernet through the house, then a G.hn Powerline Network Adapter should be your first choice. 

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