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A must have for streaming 4K to multiple TVs at home
A reasonable question is, why can't I just go with WIFI. We actually have both the Google WIFI with 3 mesh nodes and the Apple Airport Extreme running, both connected to FIOS. For whatever reason, they just don't work well enough, particularly if we're streaming 4K in multiple locations. -TN
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50% Speed Improvement With Solid Connection
I was excited to see how they would work and upon my very first attempt plugging them in I was grinning. You know when you first do a speed test and it jumps way up there to the maximum speed that you actually pay for? Well yeah, it did that, something I haven't seen in a long time with my wifi connection. -D. Witt
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Easy to install and worked well with no problems
I would definitely recommend this unit to anyone looking for a powerline adapter, especially for creating Ethernet connections in areas of the house with weak Wi-Fi or for desktop PCs and electronics that do not have Wi-Fi. -Steven H. Kong
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Excellent hardware for larger and/or older homes (see details). Highly recommended
Chariot benchmarking runs show sustained transfer rates of between 320 and 800Mbps, which is phenomenal. The thing that's most shocking, is that the G.hn was able to get to an added-on part of the house, which while on the same power service, is on a different electrical panel. Powerline networking couldn't do that before. Amazing. Highly recommended. -C. Okamuro
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