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How Can Help Your WFH Efforts


Has working from home increased your need for a more stable, reliable, and faster home networking system? See how can help!

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the need for stable, reliable, and fast home networking systems. With more people turning their homes into their offices across multiple industries, people understand just how essential technology is to ensuring operations can move forward. 

Of course, it wasn’t just the parents WFH (working from home). The entire family, in some cases, were turning to devices to connect to the internet to work, learn, stay connected with loved ones, or even just stay entertained. All of which strained the home network.

Why Is Better? technology has been recognized as a great home networking option for quite some time, but recently it gathered new attention thanks to its 2 Gbit/s data rates and ability to work through the existing building infrastructure.

It taps into existing electrical wires in your house to ensure connectivity to every corner of the home, meaning full coverage in the true sense of the word. uses the latest technologies and standards to support the everyday household requirements when it comes to connectivity, from streaming 4K movies to setting up a Gaming Bridge, and/or seamless video conferencing.

But enables more than just alternatives to Ethernet. The technology is evolving, making room for plenty of exciting opportunities for home implementation.

A Powerline Adapter with PoE, for instance, allows you to supply both internet access and power through one Ethernet cable- to a security camera for example. A Powerline Network Adapter can have an embedded wireless access point to allow mobile device connectivity in the distant location of your choice. And the Wave 2 technology makes way for even better connectivity throughout your house.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a Powerline Adapter for Gaming, streaming, WFH, or just to have an internet connection that lives up to modern standards, Nexuslink has got you covered.

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