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NexusLink Specializes in Networking Alternatives

Think Beyond The Router

What are Networking Alternatives? They are devices that complement your home’s existing network. That means you can add any of our devices to your home’s Internet Network for added security, speed, and range. 

Who Needs Networking Alternatives?

Our Networking Alternatives were made to Complement Your Existing Home Network. This means it’s a valuable add-on to your home network, no matter what technologies you are already using.
Networking Alternatives Are For You If

powerline add to router

Running Ethernet is Too Troublesome & Expensive

Do you want a stable wired connection, but find running Ethernet cables too inconvenient to be an option?

Your Router's Wireless Just Isn't Fast Enough

Don’t want to get one of those super expensive routers? Or do you already have one but it’s still not performing to your standards? 

Your Network Can't Reach Your Remote Rooms

Does your current network make you feel like you’re in the lost in the wireless wastelands? Are you experiencing Wireless Dead-zones even with home networking alternatives like “Wireless Extenders”?

Sound like you? Find your solution below!

Expand Ethernet

Best For: Online Gaming | Video Streaming | Ethernet-Enabled Devices

Extend Wireless

Best For: Eliminating Deadzones | Tablets | Phones | Portable Devices

How Powerline Ethernet Adapters Can Help

Easily deliver Internet over your home’s existing powerline with up to 16 devices!


Network Device


End Device

(Gaming/Streaming Device) Powerline

The Technology that delivers Internet Anywhere there’s an Outlet

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