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Wireless Gaming Bridge

Your Personal Point-to-Point Wireless Connection For Unmatched Gaming

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Wireless Gaming, Reinvented

When it comes to gaming, almost is never good enough. That’s why the revolutionary WB-1750-KIT is the ideal choice for gamers currently using wireless. Unlike traditional wireless, which spreads a weakening wireless signal as it covers distance throughout the home, the WB-1750-KIT delivers a concentrated private point-to-point connection directly to the gaming device.



Optimized For Gaming

The WB-1750-KIT has a wealth of features developed exclusively for gaming including advanced technologies like smart channel switching schemes, gaming centric QoS, MU-MIMO and more. These gaming-specific abilities protect gaming performance and optimize network performance by ensuring low latency, expansive range, steadfast error tolerance, and agile adaptability to changing environments.

Reduces Latency
with MU-MIMO

Reaches Higher-Speeds
with AC1750

Delivers Greater Performance with a Dedicated 5GHz Band

Connect Any Ethernet-Enabled Device

Gaming PCs and Macs

Game Consoles

Video Streaming Devices

Other Ethernet Devices

Key Benefits

Wireless Gaming Bridge - NexusLink Increases Range

Deliver Internet to Hard-To-Reach Rooms

Unlike traditional wireless, the WB-1750-KIT uses Private Point-to-Point LAN to penetrate through walls and other building materials for an optimized connection and improved range.

Advanced Features Minimize Lag, Stabilize Ping & Maximize Network Performance​

Unlock your gaming potential with advanced technologies like MU-MIMO for reduced lag and High-Powered AC1750 for increased speeds. All this, delivered over a dedicated 5GHz band for unmatched network performance.

Wireless Gaming Bridge - NexusLink Optimizes Performance

Say Goodbye to Traffic On Your Private Gaming Express Lane​

Tired of having your gaming experience interrupted by local bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming? With the Wireless Gaming Bridge, you'll have your own dedicated 5GHz band, effectively eliminating lag and dropped frames caused by other data-hogging devices.

Fast & Easy Setup

Within minutes, experience premium gaming or streaming anywhere in the home.
See how it works:



Easily accessible WPS button for quick pairing.

2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Connect up to 2 devices.


802.11ac Wave 2 Technology.


5 GHz Dedicated Band for a focused connection.

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The WB-1750-KIT


NexusLink’s Wireless Gaming Bridge was purpose-built for the competitive gamer. Utilizing a powerful wireless chipset from Quantenna, a global leader in cutting-edge wireless solutions, combined with a specialized delivery method, gamers will 

achieve ethernet stability with the ease of wireless.

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