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NexusLink's Wireless Gaming Bridge | WB-1750

Virtual Reality

  • Dedicated WiFi Connection
  • Optimized for VR 
  • Extend WiFi to Hard-to-Reach Locations
  • Unlock All Your Games

Experience VR the way it's supposed to be

Dedicated WiFi Connection

Separating your VR Traffic from household traffic effectively eliminates lag and dropped frames caused by local bandwidth-intensive activities.

Extend WiFi to Hard-to-Reach locations

Utilizes 400mW High Power AC-1750 and MU-MIMO technology to deliver superior wireless connectivity to hard-to-reach locations.

Optimized For VR

With an optimized connection, players can experience less motion sickness caused by lag and fewer headaches caused by low frame rates.​

Unlock All Your Games

Seamlessly connect to Virtual Desktop (Oculus Quest 1) or Air Link (Oculus Quest 2) to easily access all your Rift and PC games!

Maximize Your VR Experience by Being Untethered

When you remove the wire, you’ll feel truly free to explore VR without the fear of tripping over cables.

Create A Dedicated Path of Connectivity

The WB-1750 maintains a connection to the local network, allowing both the Gaming PC and VR Gear to reach the Router when necessary.
This ensures that there is:

Purpose Built For Your VR Headset

The WB-1750 has a wealth of features developed exclusively for gaming including advanced technologies like smart channel switching schemes, gaming centric QoS, MU-MIMO and more.

 These gaming-specific abilities protect gaming performance and optimize network performance by ensuring low latency, expansive range, steadfast error tolerance, and agile adaptability to changing environments.

Customers reviews

What people are saying

"Everything worked awesome, never a single issue it just worked. Connecting the headset to the kit was painless and has solved many connection issues like lag and slow download speeds. I am now able to play in more areas around the house due to the strong signal everywhere I go. I would recommend this product to anyone with a lot of devices on their home network that may cause a lot of traffic."
Derek C
Early Adopter
"It was a very easy and overall enjoyable experience. All my friends who copped a Quest 2 recently are all tapping into the power of their PCs to get better performance. At least 2 have purchased the Wireless Gaming Bridge at my recommendation!"​
Salvador R
Early Adopter
NexusLink's Wireless Gaming Bridge | WB-1750

Optimized for VR

The WB-1750 delivers a powerful connection and gives you access to Rift and PC games not previously available on your Oculus Quest 1 or 2! It uses technologies like MU-MIMO for reduced lag and High-Powered AC1750 for increased speeds delivered over a dedicated 5GHz band.

A stronger connection means:

  • Less motion sickness from high latency
  • Fewer headaches by supporting high frame rates
  • Dedicated 5GHz channel for your VR Experience
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