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Deliver Data & Power to your PoE Devices


  • Turn Your Electrical Outlets into an Ultra-Fast Network
  • Expand Data & Power to hard-to-reach locations
  • More Secure than Wireless
  • Don’t just extend. Expand and Connect.

What do G.hn Powerline Adapters do? With the GPL-2000PoE you can:

  • DELIVER DATA & POWER TO 2 PoE DEVICES, ANYWHERE THERE’S AN OUTLET – Deliver data connectivity and power via PoE (Power over Ethernet) to hard-to-reach locations via the existing electrical wiring.
  • INCREASE RELIABILITY & REDUCE INSTALLATION COST – Save time and money by leveraging your existing electrical wiring to deliver data & power, rather than cutting and drilling through drywall and installing lengthy ethernet cabling.
  • A TRULY SECURE SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM – Wireless security cameras are vulnerable to hackers and external attacks. Secure your system with G.hn AES128 BITS Encryption and a hard-wired connection.

First G.hn Powerline Adapter?

Pair with the GPL-2000PT to create a connection! A minimum of 2 devices are required to make a connection. This product comes with 1 device to add to an existing powerline network.

What's in the Box?

Turn Your Electrical Outlets into an Ultra-Fast Network

Maximize existing electrical outlets by connecting up to 16 devices within a G.hn Powerline Network.

Expand Data & Power to Hard-to-Reach Locations

Deliver Data & Power to remote areas of the house that Ethernet cables typically don't reach– like work from home offices, garages, and front doors.

More Secure than Wireless

Keep the hackers away from your home security cameras and network! Ensure your network is secure with AES128 Bit Encryption.

Deliver Data & Power to Your PoE Devices

Best For: VoIP Phones, Security Cameras, and Access Points

NexusLink's G.hn Wave 2 Powerline Adapter with PoE | GPL-2000PoE

Deliver Data & Power

The GPL-2000PoE G.hn Wave 2 Powerline has 2 PoE-capable Ethernet ports making it ideal for connecting PoE devices such as VoIP phones, PoE cameras, and access points. This adapter utilizes next-generation G.hn Wave 2 technology, allowing it to reach up to 2000Mbps PHY rates over the Powerline connection and 500Mbps through a single Ethernet port. With features like Quick Noise Adaptation (QNA), it now detects noise 5x faster for better performance for lower latency and jitter sensitive applications.

A minimum of 2 adapters are required to make a connection. This product comes with 1 adapter. If this is your first powerline adapter, please order this device and the GPL-2000PT.

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