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Gaming Networking Press Kit

Discover NexusLink’s Innovative Gaming Networking Solutions

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Wireless Gaming Bridge Powerline Wave 2 Coax Adapters

NexusLink's Wireless Gaming Bridge

Wireless Gaming, Reinvented

Our Premium Gaming Solution

Product Highlights

Minimizes lag time, interference, and dropped frames using the industry’s highest performance Quantenna chipset with 802.11ac Wave 2 technology. It’s equipped with High-Speed AC1750 Wifi, as well as advanced technologies like MU-MIMO, smart channel switching schemes, gaming-centric QoS, and more.

Easily delivers Ethernet Stability over a Private Point-to-Point LAN for a powerful connection that penetrates walls and other building materials.

Enjoy a private connection on your own dedicated 5GHz band. Having your own personal connection effectively eliminates lag and dropped frames caused by local bandwidth-intensive activities such as online video streaming and video conferencing.

Utilizes 400mW High Power AC-1750 and MU-MIMO technology to deliver superior wireless connectivity to hard-to-reach locations.

Quick and easy 3-step setup. Within minutes, unlock premium online gaming and streaming anywhere in the home.


Fact Sheet

Quick Install Guide

User Manual


See the Wireless Gaming Bridge in Action

NexusLink's Wave 2 Powerline Adapter

The newest Powerline Standard in the world Wave 2 Has Arrived

Product Highlights

Enhance your network performance for streaming and gaming. Reduces Lag and dropped frames using LDPC/FEC (Forward Error Correction) technology.

Designed for high density environments (eg. Apartments, business offices, condos, hotels, etc.) using NDIM Signal Segregation Technology.

Delivers better real world performance with unique algorithms that improve upon older powerline standards. Technology like MIMO Dual Phase Technology delivers a faster and more reliable connection and LDPC to reliably cross phases

Installing Ethernet Cable can be expensive and troublesome. Get a strong, direct internet connection without the trouble.


Fact Sheet

Quick Install Guide

User Manual Powerline Wave 2 Products

Find additional resources like Quick Install Guides & User Manual in the “Resource” tab on each product page! If you need additional resources, please contact us!

NexusLink's Coax Adapter

Direct Ethernet Connection Through Your Coax

Put Dark Coax To Use

Product Highlights

Leverage your home’s existing coaxial cables to bring Internet to hard-to-reach locations

Better performance than wireless and more convenient than installing ethernet cables

Delivers GIGABIT Internet performance (up to 1200Mbps) over coaxial cable lines, up to 800 meters

Quick and easy 3-step setup. Within minutes, unlock premium online gaming and streaming anywhere in the home.


Quick Install Guide

About NexusLink

NexusLink was born out of a rising need for simpler, more innovative connectivity alternatives. When it comes to networking homes and businesses, the ideal connection medium is Ethernet Cable (Cat5e/6). However, it’s often the case that Ethernet Cable is not present, and installing Ethernet is both troublesome and expensive. NexusLink specializes in these types of networking scenarios where an Ethernet alternative is needed.

We design, manufacture, and support unique home and business networking solutions with the most advanced technologies such as Powerline, Coax, and Point-to-Point Wireless. It is our mission to offer best-in-class, high-performance networking alternatives that complement existing infrastructures.

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