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About Us

Who is NexusLink?

NexusLink was born out of a rising need for simpler, more innovative connectivity alternatives. When it comes to networking homes and businesses, the ideal connection medium is Ethernet Cable (Cat5e/6). However, it’s often the case that Ethernet Cable is not present, and installing Ethernet is both troublesome and expensive. NexusLink specializes in these types of networking scenarios where an Ethernet alternative is needed. We design, manufacture, and support unique home and business networking solutions with the most advanced technologies such as G.hn Powerline, G.hn Coax, and Point-to-Point Wireless. It is our mission to offer best-in-class, high-performance networking alternatives that complement existing infrastructures.


Our Story

Since 1990, our parent company, Comtrend, has been creating innovative technological solutions for Service Providers worldwide. NexusLink is building on the foundation of Comtrend’s 25+ years of experience providing robust and reliable solutions and directing it towards the residential and business users.

Our mission is to ensure that residential and business users alike have easy and affordable access to high-performance connectivity alternatives for all needs, including security, gaming, whole-home connectivity, and the ever-expanding IoT universe.

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NexusLink's Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Please note: All of our services are still fully operational. We continue to monitor the situation daily while taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff and manufacturing partners.